Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The world seems more palatable at night. In the darkness, the world is quiet; asleep. The voices of 7 billion people crying for food and shelter and attention are silent, if only briefly.

She can only get anything done at night. For once, the voices in her head are allowed to venture out, without fear of being confused with outside noise. When everyone else is asleep, her loneliness becomes deliberate, empowering; socially acceptable. She is a child again, talented, unafraid, unique.

She blinks, and it is day once again. Sunlight streams through her window, bringing with it the voices of the 7 billion people, awakened by their needs, their constant wanting. She is overwhelmed and unimpressed at the same time. Her mind allows her one final song as she rubs the sleep from her eyes and prepares to dull herself with another day.