Saturday, March 7, 2015

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Tegan and Sara's curated badass playlist for International Women's Day 2015 - LOVING IT.

In honor of International Women's Day 2015, I think it's only fair we thank the media gods for the screen time they give empowered women. For every second Kim Kardashian is overlooked for Amal Alamuddin, womenkind everywhere has scored a huge win!

Kudos to Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (more feminist icons to love!) for calling out Hollywood! Hilars!

These are the women we aspire to be: the movers and the shakers who make a difference in the world, the badass bitches who kick ass and look great doing it, who are seriously so perfect they're post-human.

I was inspired to write this after watching House of Cards: Claire Underwood, while a fictional character, is every bit the woman I aspire to be. Intelligent, always immaculately dressed, poised, well spoken, ambitious. She's careful, deliberate, never reactionary. When someone hurts her, she doesn't react: she makes a plan, or moves on with her much more important life. She evaluates, she is cognizant, she is brilliant: the fact that she is powerful and always in control is, to me, the height of her femininity. Your time is valuable, and it can't be wasted worrying about things that you can't control or people who don't value you. I'm guilty of too often wearing my heart on my sleeve and being a giant goofball: while this has served me well socially (everyone loves me, duh, but I suppose it hasn't helped me in romance, the suave sophisticates I usually fall for appreciate the feminine mystique, not the girl making South Park jokes), it's time to become a bad bitch.

My recent heartbreak [See post: Tinderella] has me kicking myself for ever losing myself in a mere man. I have jumped from a plane, I have traveled the world, I have spheres of influence that most people only dream of, I have accomplished so much in such little time: how truly idiotic of me to let one man allow me to question my self worth. As women, we are capable of amazing things: so often we're blinded to our full potential with distractions. Capitalistic society (which I, as an avid online shopper, wholeheartedly embrace) has us preoccupied with things that don't matter: Boys, Makeup, Cat videos. There is such a constant deluge of of what we "should" be that we completely lose track of what we "could" be.

I call on women everywhere to take a moment, a day, a week, and do some heavy introspection. Figure out who you are, and who you want to be. When the fa├žades and the baubles slip away, who are you really? Then work towards it. No excuses. Be sincerely, unapologetically you, let your freak flag fly. Don't let anyone make you question yourself or your choices. But remember to do good and be strategic. Selfish is not bad. In the words of the Nerdfighters: DFTBA (Don't forget to be awesome).

We can change the world. If we stop bumbling around with secondary distractions, we can be like those women that inspire us. The women that kept their eyes on the prize and didn't let anyone tell them they were any less than they were.

Who runs the world? Girls.